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Billboard and Text Advertising

Cutting-Edge Text Advertising and Coupons
ext Messaging Service Paperless Text Coupons

BES Property Development LLC, offers all type of advertising services to promote your business. From billboard advertising to text coupons, we specialize in it all.

Immediate Paperless Text Coupons
Text-it coupons are available to drive more traffic to your business. These coupons arrive on each customer's phone and once they text the company with a specific ID, they'll receive that immediate coupon back on their cell.

Text Messaging Service
Off-site text message marketing is also available and is charged on an affiliate basis. We'll gladly set up your month-to-month text service fast for a very low fee. Contact us to find out more.

Media Mix Packaged Advertising:
Customer Specific Advertising • Targeted Advertising • Trackable Demographic Traffic

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